Wirraway 260 Testimonial

Robin Hughes


Owing to circumstances beyond my control, my search for “the ideal mobile home” in which I could live comfortably and enjoy trouble free motoring while circumnavigating Australia took the best part of two years.
Having joined CMCA as the primary resource for dealers and manufactures along with possible feed back from existing owners I travelled NSW and QLD to physically inspect pretty much the whole spectrum of vehicles on offer.
I knew from experience with caravans in my youth that the physical work involved with them was not an option in my sixties with partial disabilities to hamper me.

Gradually I became aware that while many motor homes were attractive in various ways I invariably felt cramped and generally confined while inspecting them. At 6ft and 85kg (usually) I had not expected this to be a problem.
As decision time was upon me I accepted good advice and attended the CMCA rally at Mudgee in order to talk to existing owners and inspect vehicles for sale.

Fortunately Rob and Amanda had two long term owners there with their vehicles “open for inspection”. This enabled me for the first time to experience the two meter ceiling height and spaciousness of a brand that until then I had thought was too much money for my needs.

The owners whom I spent some hours with were totally satisfied with both the product and ongoing after sales service. Equally they were sensible stable people who would not have a history of wasting money.
That experience lead me to make an appointment to meet Rob in Mildura and check out the factory and vehicles in production, which we did the following week.

Having then met the staff who took great pride in their work and seen all the component parts being made or assembled I had no hesitation in putting down the deposit once the variables I wanted were costed.

Throughout the construction phase communication was excellent with no misunderstandings and the vehicle as ordered was available on time. On delivery Rob insisted I spend at least one night in the vehicle parked in the factory in order to familiarize myself with the various systems. Initially I thought this was superfluous , but decided the second night was a good option once I started to get lost with the various systems.

Since taking delivery I have done just over 40,000klm in 14 months, obviously in all climates and terrain.
The only “down time” I have had is for the 30,000 klm first service which cost $360.00 and a Mercedes recall to replace some seals under warranty.

The Wirraway after sales has proven to be more of a total commitment to client comfort than a service. Possibly the best example of which is when my daughter had borrowed the vehicle for a family vacation, they had a problem and the engineer son in law rang seeking assistance on something I had no knowledge of. I then rang Rob on his mobile at about 7.30 pm on a holiday Saturday. He then rang the kids and the “problem” was sorted.

The vehicle has consistently done all that it was designed to do. I am totally independent being solar powered and leave no trace as I park at some of the most spectacular locations in our beautiful nation.

Sometimes in life we make good decisions, sometimes not, most things we buy fade or disappoint over time, Rob, Amanda and the craftsmen at Wirraway have consistently over what is now about a total two year time frame exceeded my expectations in all aspects.

The only potential downside to being a Wirraway owner are the well informed and pleasant couples whom you meet on the road that have been wanting to inspect a Wirraway but had yet to see one.
Robin Hughes



Wirraway 260 Testimonial

Ron & Anne Reynolds

"In 2004, my wife, Anne and I saw an advertisement for the Wirraway Motorhome."

I emailed our needs, questions and asked for a quote from the company almost before I finished the message I had a phone call from Rob Tonkin. Anne and I visited a Wirraway client, John Esterich who was wonderful and absolutely passionate about the motorhome and the company.

We followed his advice and visited the company in Mildura and were given a complete history of the company. After seeing the vehicles, we left a deposit for the delivery of a vehicle in 6 months. At every occasion of the “rig’s” construction we were kept informed and encouraged to visit and see each major stage.

There were never any doubts or concerns about our decision.
We have been traveling in our vehicle for 3 years it has been the most exhilarating experience enhanced by the quality and comfort of the vehicle.
           Rob, Amanda and their team are skilled tradesmen,artisans, in their craft . Rob keeps abreast of the developments in motorhome technology and continues to look for ways of refining the design and creature comforts offered by the company.
They are also the most ethical and moral business people we have met in the search for our ideal “travelling home. You can not avoid becoming friends with this family and it is always a delight to see them.

So briefly, the vehicle is as near perfect for two people as you can get. The people are wonderful to deal with. The team are always available to answer a concern and they continue to see each vehicle as something they have built and are proud of the vehicle and its growing reputation. In a word, they are “BRILLIANT!” and we cannot praise them enough……but we are ordering a new one.
Anyone who may like to speak to us personally is welcome to do so through Wirraway.

Happy adventures, Ron and Anne Reynolds.


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