Advanced Motorhome Power Management Systems

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EC 200 & EC51 Control Panels - EC325 PSU & EC155 ( Power Supply Units )

EC 200 Control Panel - EC325 PSU ( Power Supply Units )

These 2 units combined are the most advanced power management system available!

Wirraway 260 SL Motorhome Showing the slideout room

Wirraway 260 SL Motorhome Showing the slideout room

Wirraway's Innovative EC200 Control Panel for Power & Water Tank Management

Digital control panel has an extensive feature . A scrolling menu system displays system information including water levels, battery levels, clock / alarm with event timer.

With the use of new technology the EC200 Power
Control System provides a complete control solution for a wide range of leisure vehicles.
The microprocessor controlled digital system allows the user to control equipment and view / edit system information from a user-friendly control panel that incorporates a liquid crystal display.
The built in ‘intelligence’ prevents over discharge of the vehicle battery, allows greater control of the water system and has a built in alarm clock / event timer to control equipment in your absence.

Wirraway's Innovative EC325 PSU - Power Control Unit

Wirraway 260 SL Motorhome Showing the slideout room

EC325 PSU - Power Control Unit Key Functions

· 325W (~25A) Power Converter - Converts the 230V mains supply into 12v DC power to run the leisure equipment and supply the battery charger.

· Intelligent ‘offline’ Battery Charger - Uses a process of disconnecting the leisure battery from the leisure equipment during the charging process, which allows the battery charger to
charge batteries quicker, recover heavily discharged batteries and achieve a higher final charge level than traditional battery chargers.

· Built-in dual Solar Regulator - Allows the direct connection of a 20 to 100W solar panel without the need for additional components. The dual regulator charges both the vehicle and
leisure batteries simultaneously.

· System Monitor Circuit - Monitors key components within the power supply to ensure optimum operation. A simple ‘traffic light’ indicator shows the power supply status.

· Enhanced Digital Control Panel - With scrolling menu system, battery condition (voltage and current), water tank levels, tank and battery level warnings with battery protect circuit, alarm
clock and programmable event timer.


Typical Installation of the EC325 PSU - Power Control Unit

RV EC325 PSU & EC 200 Power Management Systems

Download the EC325PSU - Instruction Manual

Download the EC325 PSU - EC200 Power Control Unit Brochure


RV EC155 PSU & EC 51 Power Management Systems


Wirraway's EC51 Control Panel & EC155 Power Supply Unit

is a simpler version of the more advanced EC200

Key Features
150W (~12A) combined Power Converter / Battery Charger - Converts the 230V mains supply into 12v DC power to run the leisure equipment and charge the battery.

Low current switching reduces voltage drop in the circuit and improved circuit fusing provides better protection for the harness and equipment.

Links to the EC50 series LED Control Panel to provide simple but intelligent control of the 12v equipment and built in over discharge software protects the leisure and vehicle batteries.

System Overview
The following diagram shows the typical configuration of the EC155 system.

The key component is the EC155 power supply unit (PSU), which is the hub of the system and provides connectivity to the ancillary components and the EC50 series control panel.


Wirraway's EC155 Power Supply Unit

is a simpler version of the more advanced EC325 PSU


Wirraway's Innovative EC155 PSU - Power Control Unit

is a simpler version of the EC325 PSU

EC155 Operating User Manual

This single unit is a complete power management system for ALL incoming and outgoing 240volt & 12volt power, purpose built for the RV industry, with many other features.

The following is a summary of the features of the Power Supply Unit
1. Power Supply - converts 240v to 12v to power all 12v in RV

2. Battery Charger/s – Multi stage 12amp battery charger charges both vehicle and leisure

batteries, with temperature monitoring to optimize battery charge

3. Fuses and Circuit Breakers – built in 12v fuses and 240v circuit breakers and RCD.

4. Low voltage cutoff – at 10.9volt

5. Battery Monitor – both vehicle and leisure batteries.

6. Battery Isolater – isolates vehicle battery from leisure batteries when vehicle stopped

7. Water Tank Monitor – Fresh water guage, Grey water full indicator light

8. ON/OFF Switches – Power, Water Pump and Auxillary

9. Battery Selector Switch – If Leisure batteries are flat select vehicle battery and vice versa

10. Plug and Play

11. Built in safety system - to cut power to leisure vehicle when vehicle is started.

12. Built in protection – auto shutdown and auto restart if overheated/overloaded.

Temperature controlled cooling fan with variable speed.


1. Speed of Installation

2. One stop shop, one account helps with stock control and ordering

3. Professionalism, manuals available via internet, supply customers with wiring and fusing diagrams

4. Can be connected with a minimum of special skills.

5. No battery issues – extends life of batteries.

RV EC 155 & EC51 Power Management Systems

Download the EC155 PSU & EC51 Power Control - Instruction Manual

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